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Terrelonge Staffing Solutions consults companies on workforce retention for the long term.

Creating long lasting partnerships between clients and candidates is our mission. That first begins with TSS focusing on delivering high quality workforces within the Nursing, Light Industrial, and Clerical industries.


By equipping our clients with the industry insight and long-term talent, they thrive in their goals of company growth.


Our belief is bringing the highest quality individuals together. By concisely screenings both clients and talent, we get the best and most accurate results for all. Connecting people will fulfilling opportunities is what we will continue to do.

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Terrelonge Staffing Solution`s mission is to maximize both the candidate and client experience in the workplace. By listening closely to our client`s needs, we aim to provide qualified candidates that will enhance business productivity. We also strive to be attentive to our candidates to effectively transition them into workplaces they can excel in.


Pillar I


People are the foundation of any successful group. Terrelonge Staffing Solutions has a goal of bringing the highest quality people together that can employ strategies to grow as a collective.

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Pillar III


To be able to sustain consistent value to our customers and staff, we always aim to have high profitability. High profitability gives our staff more resources and high standard of living which increases happiness. This leads to greater customer satisfaction due to our investment into our team members and systems.


Pillar II


Customer satisfaction is very important at Terrelonge Staffing Solutions. The customer truly must have an excellent experience dealing with our products and services. We will strive to consistently provide a customer satisfaction percentage of 95%.

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Pillar IV


Community is very important at Terrelonge Staffing Solutions. We continually strive to build our community through events and shared vision work aimed at aligning a collective to achieve one huge goal.

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