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Five Ways To Speed Up The Hiring Process

Updated: Sep 18, 2023

Terrelonge Staffing Solutions

We all know the narrative when looking for a new candidate. We post a job on a job board and wait patiently hoping we get someone to apply and fill our empty vacancies. Applications come in, but we cannot get the candidates we are looking for. Our frustration rises as we spend more money on advertising until we get the next application. Now we must bring the new applicants through intensive interview processes that could take weeks to months to possibly not get a new hire.

Hiring managers and talent know how difficult this process can be, but how do we make it faster and more reliable? How do we bring in more qualified candidates faster while moving them through the process more effectively? We are going to list five ways you can speed up the hiring process in your organization.

1. Create more quality job descriptions

Job descriptions are crucial for an employer because that is the initial impression candidates will have of that company and specific role. Creating a job description needs to include the most recent role requirements for the job. An up-to-date job description will ultimately lead to more inbound applications to fill that position faster.

2. Flexible interview meeting

With new methods of interviewing, we now have multiple ways of reaching a candidate. After Covid, communication using video took off because of limitations to be able to meet in person. That has now given employers and candidates more options to reach each other faster. Take advantage of the tools that are made available to you.

3. Do not delay the offer

Do not delay the offer! Great candidates are always going to interview at multiple organizations. This means that you are actively competing against other hiring managers that would like to scoop up this great individual as soon as possible. If the candidate`s resume is strong, they interview well, and the cultural fit is right then making the offer is crucial.

4. Hire a recruitment agency

Recruitment agencies are built to help you succeed in the hiring process. The recruitment industry is centered around finding the best tools to help any business within a certain niche reach both active and passive candidates. Hiring a recruitment partner will always help your selection of candidate options grow tremendously.

5. Build a long-term database of candidates

A major industry is a candidate that is not a great fit for a role now might be a great fit later. Investing in technology that can manage a database of candidates such as an ATS is vital to your long-term recruiting goals. Some in-house ATS systems we would recommend include greenhouse and JazzHR.

Thank you for reading our article and check with us next month for more trends, tips, and solutions.

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